Yesterday, I had a conversation with my good friend, Marie, about the games we play in life. We discussed how athletes train and build their muscles to successful play the physical game. They understand that at any time they could be injured, and when they do, they don’t hesitate – they heal the injury (as quickly as possible) and run onto the field again. [I like baseball, so that’s the analogy I’ll be using throughout this article!]

In contrast, we don’t take that same attitude with the emotional game. Instead, we question whether or not we even want to try to play again. We question who we are, our worth, the qualities we bring to the table, etc., and we doubt if we’ll ever hit one out of the park.

But why? The energy it takes to heal and recover again after a physical injury is the same as it is for an emotional one. Yet, we’re convinced they’re separate and somehow the rules don’t apply…I know that’s exactly what I used to think.

Last month I struck out. Big time. I hung my head, sulked to the bench, and cried in my helmet until it was overflowing. I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to play the game again…major emotional injuries have a tendency to trick us into believing that. I felt defeated and unworthy. I couldn’t understand how all of my training up until this point didn’t equate to a home run. What the hell did I do wrong? Simply put, nothing at all, it just wasn’t my time to score.

I learned so much during this latest round of training. I wouldn’t trade the pain of injury for anything as it only makes my game stronger in the end. I refuse to sit on the bench and watch everyone else play the game. Yes, I struck out this time, but so what? It doesn’t make me any less worthy of love or a healthy and happy relationship. I love this game, so even if I strike out the next handful of times, I will continue to train, continue to strengthen my emotional muscles, and continue get my ass up to bat again…and again.

Eventually, I’ll crush it and hit a home run! I’ll take my victory lap around the bases with my arms waving to the crowd and short hair blowing in the breeze. I’ll smile, be incredibly grateful for the opportunity, and know that the game is far from over. I’ll still need to improve my training and condition my life muscles, because I’m a player of life and my game isn’t over yet.

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