I’m not sure about you, but “unconditional love” isn’t something I hear everyday, nor is it something I was used to feeling everyday. I love love and everything about it. I love giving it, receiving it, saying it, talking about it, feeling it – you name it! I even have a handmade pottery bowl with The Beatles lyrics, “All you need is love,” etched all over it. It wasn’t until recently that I stopped and realized the importance of unconditional love.

Love can unfortunately come with certain restrictions or conditions. For example, you may receive someone’s (friend, spouse, parent, etc.) love as long as you say or do things that fit within the perimeters of what they deem to be kosher. The minute that you step outside of those lines, however, you’ve entered into judgment and disapproval city. That would be the point where I would become unglued. I’d start to doubt myself, my worth, my awesomeness. All because I’d forget the most important thing about love – you need to have unconditional love for yourself first and foremost.

I’d also momentarily forget about the unconditional love I already receive from God (the Universe, your Creator, etc.) which would help remind me of my own worth. Remember, the unconditional love that you give to yourself is key to a happy, successful, and blissful life. Plus, it wards off anyone else’s thoughts or comments about you. I consider that a win, win!

All of your power comes from your loving yourself unconditionally. Once you begin to master this, your power will begin to grow. It’s like exercising a muscle – the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. So, as the rest of the world throws their own poo at you, you’re able to successfully wipe it away with your head held high and know that you’re still just as awesome, just as worthy, and just as deserving as you were before they launched their sh*t grenades. Go, be awesome, and live in love…unconditionally.

“Love is an Unconditional Commitment to An Imperfect Person. To Love Somebody isn’t just A Strong Feeling. It is a Decision, A Judgment and A Promise.” ~Anonymous 

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