One of the main things I’ve struggled with on journey of enlightenment has been believing that someday I’ll “arrive” and magically my life would be, well, magical. I wouldn’t have to work, everything would be easy, and I’d never have any pains or sufferings again…and apparently I’d also sh*t rainbows and have a pet unicorn!

I’m competitive by nature, so I’m used to there being a winner and a loser. Unfortunately, I’d been blindly applying that to the rest of my life as well, to the point where I thought there would be a point when I’d win (or “arrive”) and finally take a seat on the bench for a well-deserved, and far overdue, rest.

Granted, there are certain times to work and certain times to rest throughout your life, but if you’re waiting for the time to come to finally rest (permanently), you’re either in denial, waiting on death, or inherited a billion dollars…in which case, you should absolutely call me so we can be friends and hang out!

This flawed mindset I had was because I felt I needed to be perfect. If I was perfect then I’d “win” and be rewarded with the “simple life.” What I didn’t realize was my life could be simple now – I was the one making it complicated. Also, perfectionism is a myth, and we will waste of lives away if we’re waiting for anything to be perfect. In case you didn’t get the memo, God (or your Creator) made us human – perfectly imperfect right down to our very core!

I know there are countless folks out there that have made the same mistakes I have, and for that, I need you to know I’m here and available to help you break the cycle. You can do it…and you deserve to live a life free from the chains of perfection.

We are students of life and are ever-growing, which means our work will never be done as long as we’re on this side of the dirt. So rest easy knowing that you have a lifetime filled with opportunities to learn, laugh, and love – enjoy your adventure!

My goal, now, is when I cross life’s finish line, I want to know unequivocally, that I lived everyday freely and with love. And by God, that’s good enough for me!

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