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One Year, Six Months, and Five Days

It's been one year, six months, and five days since I said goodbye to my longest-known and dearest friend, Brian. There are moments in your life when they occur you're convinced even if you succumb to Alzheimer's you'd still remember. Everything from that night,...

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No More Hiding

It's been a year and a half since I wrote with any consistency. A lot has happened since then: I lost my best friend/quasi-brother, I had a difficult pregnancy with an even worse postpartum recovery, I bought and moved into a house  (during the height of summer and my...

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Personal Development Recommendations: Q4 2016

Greetings fellow developers! Here's a great lineup of books to check out as you ring in the New Year! I was a ferocious reader this quarter, as you probably guessed from my lack of posts! In this case, when the seasons in our lives change, don't fight it, just go with...

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Be a Good Human

I believe it's a perfect time for a friendly reminder on how to be a good human. The short and simple version is: love yourself, love your God, and love each other. For those of you choosing to stick around for the longer, in-depth version, here you go...and thank...

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5 Tips for Self-Care Success

When I think about the term "self-care" this is what I imagine: I wake up on my own time with no priorities, make myself a healthy breakfast, savor a nice jog, before I head to the spa, where I'd eat a healthy lunch and indulge in an afternoon of pure relaxation and...

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The Health Revolution

I'm so pleased and honored to have been featured in Moorhead Magazine, in an article written by the talented Meghan Feir. It discusses the struggles of finding health and wellness, food bullies, and my five quick tips for a healthier life! A huge thanks to Meghan for...

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A Lesson in Letting Go

I have a tough time of letting go. It's been an issue for me since I was a kid. It wasn't because I enjoyed holding a grudge; I hated it. I loved (and still do) being happy, and holding a grudge never gave me that feeling. It was about wanting to be liked and not...

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Healthy Dose of Perspective

Last March,* I received a hearty dose of perspective. It was a 60 degree day, and for us Minnesotans, it felt like summer was right around the corner! Everyone was outside soaking up some overdue vitamin D. My family and I were no exception. We gladly stood outside...

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A Toast to the Past

Ah, alcohol. God's miracle drink or the devil's poison? Well, I can safely say for me, it's the latter, which is why I broke up with alcohol at the beginning of this year. Yes, for those of you keeping track, this is the second time that I've decided to put down the...

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