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On the Bright Side: Tips to Thinking Positively

I have to laugh as this article has been in-progress for a month now, and it should’ve been something I quickly hammered out since I’m a life coach and mentor my clients on positive thinking! However, over the last couple of months I’ve suffered many losses in my...

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Social Enterprises: Businesses Doing Good

A couple of weeks ago I shopped in a little boutique and came across a line of natural candles, soaps, and lotions. The storeowner handed me an information card about the company, Thistle Farms, and explained that it was run by women who have survived lives of...

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Top 9 Favorite Post-Workout Snacks

Here are some of my absolute favorite post-workout snacks. Why only nine and not the standard 10? First of all, I try to break a few rules every now and then. And second, I’m a creature of habit, so what you see below are the only things that have consistently made it...

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Camping Tips for Sissy Girls Like Me!

Now since starting CrossFit over a year ago, I never thought I'd refer to myself as a "sissy girl" again. However, when recently asked to go camping, I shuttered, and about a dozen negative thoughts ran through my head: I'm going to sleep like crap on the ground; the...

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Reflections on Zach’s Story

Despite the fact that I have a file full of blog article ideas, nothing seemed to be striking my fancy. Yesterday, however, slapped me in the face with one. I kept seeing a young boy’s face on television and the internet but didn’t stop for long enough to figure out...

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Dealing with Food Bullies

I’ve dealt with bullies since I was a kid, but I assumed that would change when I became an adult. Call me crazy, but I thought adults were supposed to have greater maturity, have found their chi, and take the high road. Sadly that’s not the case, and what I find even...

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Hit the Pavement – Top Tips for New Runners

Last summer I joined CrossFit Beyond Sport and little did I know I’d be doing my fair share of running. I was born a swimmer and, up until this point, didn’t have much land ability whatsoever. All the people I knew who ran regularly always told me, “Oh, once you start...

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Tips on Pushing Your Own Limits: Push It Real Good

I’m not sure why this article has taken so much time to write as it was an idea from last summer. I was reminded of this topic recently after completing the CrossFit Games 13.3 competition workout: a grueling set of 150 wall ball, 90 double unders, and 30 muscle...

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Embracing Your Inner Hobbit: A Guide to Snacking

For those of you that haven’t read or watched any of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogies I’m here to tell you that you are: 1. Missing out! and 2. You didn’t at all understand my title which is unfortunate because it’s actually quite amusing! Today’s topic is about...

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