I’m passionately devoted to helping others find their voice, and therefore reclaim their inner power and live happier and healthier lives – the way it was originally intended!

Army of One

This past Sunday I was at a late night showing of The Dark Knight. About 30 minutes into the movie, two men with bags entered the theatre and walked up the highest row. Now after the tragic shooting in Colorado, I was instantly on high alert and started to have a mild...

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Finding Your Voice

Growing up I wasn’t very outgoing and God forbid you try to stick a video camera in my face – chances are I’d shoot laser beams right through your skull! Regardless of my inward tendencies, I always liked people. I wanted to know their stories, help them with their...

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Man vs. Gluten

As I sat and watched Man vs. Food (a guilty pleasure of mine though it goes against everything I believe from a wellness perspective) I ate a delicious gluten-free s’mores and realized that I haven’t yet talked about my journey to becoming gluten-free. As a side, for...

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Where Art Thou Inner Strength?

There are many groups of people that instantly come to mind when I hear the words “inner strength” – military wives, children with cancer, and those dedicated to protect and serve our country (which can embody armed forces, police, and firefighters). But inner...

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Poison Ivy – You Itchy B****!

Poison ivy has plagued me numerous times during childhood. One time in particular was the worst...yet the funniest. I was eight-years-old and getting ready to go to swim camp. My mom was out of town leaving my dad as Mr. Mom. I got a wicked case of poison ivy and I...

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My start to wellness…or at least just being well!

I've been a competitive swimmer since I was six-years-old; athletics has always been a part of my life. Despite that fact, there always seemed to be something missing. If I was fit, then I was probably shoving my gills with enough garbage to kill a small pond of fish....

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