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Gossip, McDonald’s for the Mind

Last week, I did a free coaching call on trusting your path where I noted the importance of not getting down, distracted, or discouraged from other's negativity. Easier said than done sometimes, I know. The topic got me thinking about how careless people can be with...

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5 Steps to Crushing Life

I've known since I was eight that there was more to life than simply what was in front of me. And for the past four years I've been on a mission to "find" myself and whatever else there is to this life. The last number of months have been anything but pleasant. After...

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Caution, Road Work Ahead!

Minnesota summers typically mean two things to me: getting outside as much as humanly possible, and inevitably in doing so, attempting to avoid the inordinate amount of road construction. While I'm not a huge fan of the inconvenience that road construction brings, I...

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Top 10 Things I Missed While in Detroit

This past week I was working in Detroit, MI...clearly it was for work, because no one I know willing travels to Detroit! By the end of my four-day trip, I was contemplating what I'd blog about, when someone suggested a list of things I missed...I must have said, "I...

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No Means No!

I wrote an article a number of months ago on saying "yes," well now, I’m writing one on the other half of the coin – saying "no." While I love living in a world of yes (yes to new experiences, yes to taking risks, yes to living in love), saying no can be far more...

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Are We There Yet?

One of the main things I've struggled with on journey of enlightenment has been believing that someday I'll "arrive" and magically my life would be, well, magical. I wouldn't have to work, everything would be easy, and I'd never have any pains or sufferings...

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Unconditional Love: Go Get Some!

I'm not sure about you, but "unconditional love" isn't something I hear everyday, nor is it something I was used to feeling everyday. I love love and everything about it. I love giving it, receiving it, saying it, talking about it, feeling it - you name it! I even...

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Self-Judgment: Me, Myself, and I

When you're in the midst of change, it's easy to feel like you're being judged by everyone and everything...I remember once yelling, "Oh yeah, like you have it all figured out!" to an onlooking squirrel. In reality, others aren't judging you, you're judging yourself....

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For the Love of the Game

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my good friend, Marie, about the games we play in life. We discussed how athletes train and build their muscles to successful play the physical game. They understand that at any time they could be injured, and when they do, they...

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