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The Struggle is Real

Everyday, each of us encounters positive and negative interactions with  hundreds even thousands of people, whether on Facebook, passing on the street, or at work. If it's positive, we continue on with little additional thought, however, if it's negative, we make snap...

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Staying Balanced

Last weekend, I realized that I needed another article on time management and staying balanced, because I crammed as much into two short days as I would in an entire week. At the beginning of the week, I was convinced that I'd be able to fit it all in. I had it down...

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My Miracle Morning

This morning was one of the best mornings I've had in quite a while. Since January, I implemented the Miracle Morning into my daily routine, and loved it! It served as a healthy meal for my mind and better prepped me for the day that was in front of me. The last 10...

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Embracing Entrepreneurship One Panic Attack at a Time

I've been on the road towards entrepreneurship for many years now. Up until recently, I had been afraid to take the full plunge, only dipping my toe in the entrepreneurial pool. Like many, I believed that you had to work for a corporation in order to earn a steady and...

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Personal Development Recommendations: Q1 2015

Holy cats - Q1 flew by - my sincere apologies for the delay! I’m frequently asked what I'm currently reading or what I'd recommend for personal development, so I committed to publish my opinions quarterly! As a reminder, every Monday I tweet a personal development tip...

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Smartphone: Friend or Foe?

Hi. My name is, (your name here), and I'm addicted to my smartphone. Don't think it's you? Then you may either be in denial or you still use a 1990's flip phone! A recent study defined a "mobile addict" as one who will launch mobile apps more than 60 times per day,...

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Conflict: A Possible Side Effect of Being Open

Recently, I wrote an article on being open, and today I'd like to discuss a potential side effect - conflict. I used to cringe at the sound of the word and would avoid it at all costs - even at the detriment of my own emotional health. Anytime conflict would arise,...

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Being Open: A Rude Awakening in Friendship

"When someone does something wrong, don't forget all of the things they've done right." ~Anonymous Keeping in line with my last few (personally) emotionally-weighted posts, I figured I'd share my latest rude awakening. Earlier this week, I got together with a friend -...

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A Lesson in Setting Boundaries

This past weekend reminded me of a very important lesson on who you invite into your life and the need to set boundaries. I happily posted on Facebook regarding a purchase of a certain book. While I received a number of likes and a handful of positive comments, that...

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