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Moving Forward One Step at a Time

Yesterday marked an important day in my Achilles rupture recovery; it was the first day that I ran outside. This may not seem like a lot to those that already have that capability, but I can assure you that it was a big deal to me. More than three years ago I became a...

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Beginner’s Guide to Time Management

The two excuses I hear the most often when someone decides not to do something are: a lack of money and a lack of time. We'll save the money part for another time, because today we'll take a brief look at beginner's time management. First, come to the realization that...

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Sleep: It’s Not Just for Rip Van Winkle

As I've previously mentioned, I took a new contract recently. The new job provided an opportunity to further harness my training skills...it also gave me the chance to wake up at the a*s crack every damn morning! This new schedule required me to be in bed at an...

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Radiation & Inflammation

Recently, I've been working as an onsite trainer for a nuclear facility. It's been an incredible experience and has taught me many fascinating (and horrifying) things about radiation. As I was leaving the other day, I couldn't get one thought out of my head: Wow, I...

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4 Tips to Simplify Your Life

I often receive a lot of questions regarding how people can simplify their lives, and often times, they don't appreciate my immediate question: "What can you cut out of your day?" By simple definition, to simply something means you're going to cut back, make things...

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Quick Guide to Portion Sizes

I receive a lot of questions about portions - sizes, tracking, etc. While portion control is important for healthy eating habits, so people go a tad overboard. If you're struggling with wanting to have a rough idea what your food portion sizes are, below are some easy...

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Four Questions to Help You Avoid Overcommitment

It’s very easy to get swept up in the rapid current of a busy life. While I’ve gotten much better at this, I still fall victim to it. How you ask? Because I overcommit. I remember one of my college professors saying, “Karly, make sure you always under promise and over...

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Six Tips to Ease Work-Home Transition

As I'm in the middle of my second week on a new training contract, I realized that it was time for me to bring a bit more balance back into my life. A change of schedule can be somewhat challenging to become accustom to, and with my longer hours, I felt like my old...

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The Cost of Mental Freedom

Last week I discussed letting go. Today, I want to illustrate what the cost is for mental freedom, and that what you pay in today, will increase exponentially every time you pay-in thereafter. Let me explain. Say, someone takes credit for your idea in a meeting or...

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